WMW - Production s.r.o.
Headquarters: Strážnická 1503, 696 81 Bzenec
Phone: +420 539 094 100

System of business management WMW - Production

The adherence of the certification standards is a strategic goal for us

Since our formation the company we appreciate the quality of our products, the production and the complete activities that are linked with it. 2005 WMW Production, s.r.o. acquired the first certificate ISO 9001 in the area of quality, which is observed until today.
In light of the production way and the direction in which the company develops, another goal was determined in this area, namely the certificate IATF 16949. This certificate, resp. the audit was passed in 2014. It obliges the company to satisfy the strict regulations and requirements which are put on the production for the automobile industry.

The WMW Production, s.r.o. acts not only in the area of technical parts. We also deal with the manufacture, assembly and filling of cosmetic products which entails specific demands. The cosmetics industry is subject to a very strict legislative as well as the food industry. Here it is put emphasis on health security and all procedures and activities have to be subordinated to this fact, so that we can guarantee the entire security of his products towards our customer. The production system is aligned to the HACCP principles and the „right manufacturing practice.“ So we had set ourself a goal in the area of the certifications to acquire, namely the certificate after the norm ISO 22716 what we also reached in 2013. At the moment the company prepares for the acquisition for the certification after ISO 14001.

Range of certifications:

  •  - ISO 9001:2016
    Manufacture of plastic parts and their printing / manufacture of plastic parts for cosmetics and their filling / manufacture of school supply – including priniting and packaging / completion of technical parts from plastic and metal / metalworking
  •  -  IATF 16949
    Injection molding and assembly of plastic parts
  •  - ISO 22716:2007
    Assembly and filling with cosmetics

The WMW – Production operates „quality politics“, which includes all above ranges.

Another essential component of our tasks is our ethical manner towards our customers and internal. In this regard an „ethics codex“ was released which adjusts the requirements concerning the manner of the staff among themselves and the manner of the staff to the publicity. The goal is to create a harmonious work environment in the area of interpersonal relationships which is required for excellent achievements which lead to high quality products for the customer.

Taking account of the tendency which is current in the area of environmentalism, the company created an „environmental profile“.