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Construction WMW - Production

Revamp of the ideas and drafts in form of data

Our own construction department enables us to process your documents quickly in the form of drawing documentations or CAD information and to communicate faster with the customer.
If the customer doesn’t have a concrete and fixed allocation we offer our support in development and construction. Our designers give a concrete form to your ideas and create 3D specifications for the next assessment of the use of manufactured products and assemblies in practice. For practical reasons the customer has to pay particular attention to this pre-manufacturing stage so that all requirements concerning the implementation can be committed to the designers in the maximal width and depth. Subsequent alteration to existing molds are difficult and sometimes unfeasible or can be costly.
During construction we treat questions with the customer which concern the application of a specific part or product so that we can consider the effect of the construed part within the scope of the whole unit and the intended usage.
Construction doesn’t mean only deciding on form and function but also on the material of the product and its required interaction with the surrounding matters.
In this area we also have experience from which you can benefit.

For our customers we also provide the production of 3D models of the products or – in case of more complicated projects – trial or experimental tools for pre-serial manufacturing.

We communicate with the customer in the range of drawing documentation in all common data formats. A complete list of formats we can implement can be found in the capacity survey.