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Assembly WMW - Production

Composition of the parts in a Ergebniskomplex

The assembly takes place in a specific working area in which qualified employees compose a product right from the beginning. The assembly is divided in piece production, serial production and automatic assembly.

In our company we assemble single parts or complete assemblies from our own production but also purchased and delivered components or combinations thereof.
Depending on the volume of orders and convenience we are at your disposal:

  • Manual assembly work
  • Semiautomatic assembly lines
  • All-automatic assembly lines

Thanks to the wide range and many years of experience of our responsible employees we are able to offer you an effective assembly solution according to your wishes and specifications. We guarantee individual support from the first samples to small or large series.

We have the following assembly technologies:

  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Rotation welding
  • Filling of the products
  • Squeezing
  • Stamping

(Concrete information are available for download in the capacity survey)

Assembly devices and means are single-purpose devices, which simplify the composition and assembly of the products. We design and manufacture these by ourselves using the designed assembly processes which ensures the quality and precision of each assembly step. Largely we also manufacture all-automatic assembly and/or filling machines. Assembly steps are individual operations that run one after the other in a predefined succession. They are traversed by interoperational quality controls (electrical, electronic, mechanical, optical) which guarantee a high final quality of the products.