WMW - Production s.r.o.
Headquarters: Strážnická 1503, 696 81 Bzenec
Phone: +420 539 094 100

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WMW Procuvtion, s.r.o. is located in south-east Moravia which is famous for ist viticulture.

Our company is located in the city of Bzenec which is south of the road connecting the cities of Brno and Zlín, both with technical universities and developed industry. Especially the area around Zlín is known for ist historical orientation towards the rubber- and plastics processing industry to which the WMW Production links.
The proximity of the industrial area of western Slovakia also offers potential for the development of cooperation in this direction.

WMW – Production, s.r.o.

Cejl 87, městská část Zábrdovice, 602 00 Brno, Czech republic

Phone: +420 539 094 100 Fax: +420 539 094 101

Entry in the commercial register: District court in Brno, part C, insert 8542
Statuary representatives: Ing. Vladimír Míček, Ing. Radek Vavřina

Ident No.: 46991611 Tax ID: CZ46991611