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Plastic-injection molding WMW - Production

Series production of plastic products with wide adaption.

Injection molding is a technology with which it is possible to produce plastic products in series with an exact dimension and form and repeatability of manufacture. The pressed parts can have different forms, to become demolded by the cavity of the tools and be producted from different thermoplastic materials.
The principle of injection molding is the melting of the thermoplastic pellets in the Schmelzkammer, from where the melted compo is injected in shut cavities. This cavities in the form are filled with compo (plastic) after the injection. This builds the actual plastic product. After opening the form the products can be extracted and repeat the process. So it’s possible that the machines achieve a sustained process. 

The WMW-Production, s.r.o. has 19 hydraulic injection molding machines of the type Arburg, which differ in size, locking force and other parameters.

  • The size of the machines reaches from the category Arburg 221K to 570C. You can find detailed information in the capacity survey.
  • All machines are hard-faced with a Entnahmeroboter (Handling) for the products and sinks what enables us an all-automatic manufacture cycle.
  • We also have the vertical variety of the injection molding machine to inject plastic- or metal parts.

As a result of development and experience we were allowed to begin with the two-component injection pressing in which weh ad some successful applications.

The high level of automation guarantees the stability of the manufacturing process and the final quality for the customer.