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Toolshop WMW - Production

An accurate tool is the neccessary base for a product with high quality

Accurate metalworking is the base for the production of unique injection molds (tools) according to the requirements of the construction which serve for the production of individual plastic components through injection swaging on the injection molding machine.
Our toolshop is equipped with modern metalworking machines which are particularly adapted for the production of new injection molds and their maintenance and repairs. Beside the standard processing technologies such as milling, drilling, cutting, dragging, etc. the toolshop also have to dispose of electrical discharge machining. Directly with this technology we achieve a wide variety of irregular molds in the cavities. You can find detailed information in the capacity survey.

The processing technology itself doesn’t guarantee that the production of the injection molds will be successful. Only the over the years developed know-how of our team produces results for our customers for which we can guarantee the durability of a mold for millions of cycles.

An injection mold is a very precise device composed of many individual components of machined metal parts. The molds are usually multiple so that several items can be injected at once in one cycle.