WMW - Production s.r.o.
Headquarters: Strážnická 1503, 696 81 Bzenec
Phone: +420 539 094 100
Long-term experience and production structures
Modern infrastructure and production areas
Injection molding of plastic products
Injection molding of plastic products
Generation of the production tools
Autonomous construction and toolshop
Assembly, automation, etc.
All-automatic, semi-automatic and manual assembly
Complete solution everything from one hand

Production of plastic products

We produce products from different ranges in which it is neccessary to achieve high precision defined by applied technology which can also be repeated for mass production.

Complete services in the range of plastic production

We can offer you a wide portfolio in the range of the manufacture of plastic products.


You order a complete solution with detailed information about your requirements for a product and ist future versions.


We prepare the calculation plus the technological solutions and material possbilities for you and you choose the best implementation


We manufacture the molds and the individual parts of the final product according to selected and approved allocation.


We print the individual parts according to your selected secifications regarding durability and printing precision.

Assembly and completion

We are happy to create your assemblies and refine them if required.


During assembly we are willing to fill the porduct with the contents supplied and specified by you.

Packaging and shipping

We package your products in transport, shipping and sale cartons and displays.


We deliver the ordered amount within 24 hours at the destination.

WMW - Production, s.r.o.

The WMW - Production, s.r.o. is prepared to offer a wide range of services in the range of the production of plastic parts and plastic products to her customers which can contain the complete chain of our activities – from the draft up to the delivery of a complete product. However, your orders don’t have to contain all steps of our activities, you also can apply to us with small orders if you wish only some steps oft he whole production chain. We appreciate such customers too because we know that only a contented customer represent a real partner for a long-term cooperation.